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Golden Sky Stories Tabletop Day 2013 Demo

Suzune under Cherry BlossomsIn celebration of this year’s Tabletop Day (March 30th, 2013) and in anticipation of the impending Golden Sky Stories Kickstarter, we’re happy to release a free Golden Sky Stories PDF demo pack. The demo features a simplified version of the GSS rules and “Cop Out of Water,” an original introductory scenario by Ewen Cluney. In order to play you will need to print out the included henge record sheets and get some pencils, tokens of some kind (playing cards, glass counters, poker chips, etc.), and one person to be the Narrator and 2-4 players.

Download Tabletop Day 2013 Golden Sky Stories Demo PDF

Mike will be running demos for Golden Sky Stories and Channel A at WonderCon this weekend, and Ewen will be running demos at Game Kastle’s store in Fremont, CA starting Saturday at 1 p.m. If you’re planning to run a GSS demo for Tabletop Day, please comment here!

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6 comments on “Golden Sky Stories Tabletop Day 2013 Demo
  1. Rillip says:

    What is surprise? It’s mentioned a couple of times but I never saw an explanation. Did I miss something?

    • Ewen Cluney says:

      I guess I left in a few references by accident, but Surprise is a semi-advanced rule where basically supernatural things can cause people to be startled or freak out a bit. When a henge transforms or uses an obvious power right in front of someone, that person has to make a check against the henge’s Henge attribute. If they fail, they panic a bit. How much depends on the margin of failure, and there’s a table in the book for it. In the absence of the full Surprise rules, just remember that normal people tend to get uneasy and even panicky around supernatural stuff.

      • Sla says:

        Hi there Ewen, this site wasn’t updated in a while, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

        1. Will the book include all oft it’s supplements, just like Maid RPG did? Or do you plan to release them separately? (Well I’m not really sure if they are supplements or just alternative covers, I just saw them somewhere on the web, they show the same strip of land as the regular cover, but later at dusk, night and dawn with and there are youkai, humans and UFOs besides the henge)

        2. Where will I be able to order the book? I mean the printed version. How much will it cost?

        3. Will you also release a hardcover version or was that for backers only?

        Sorry if you answered any of this on kickstarter, I couldn’t find it in the FAQ.
        I’m really looking forward to the official release and will order the book as soon a possible.

        oh and one last GSS unrelated question. I know you are just in the final stage of this project and probably have a lot of other things to worry about, but do you still have any plans to translate Nechronica? It would just be nice to know if I can still hope for a release in the distant future or if you decided against it.

        Keep up the good work dude!

  2. Ewen Cluney says:

    1. The supplements will be separate; unlike with Maid RPG, the GSS core book is a very complete product by itself. Also unlike with Maid RPG, we now know that this whole Japanese TRPG in English thing has legs, and we’re not worried about never getting to do the supplements if the core book flops.

    2. We haven’t yet figured out what avenues we’ll be doing sales through, but we’re thinking of going through IPR, Amazon, and a few others. The cost is TBD, but we’d like to offer it for $20 (though that would be minus all the extras our Kickstarter backers will get). We may put the PDF up for sale sooner, but the print book will not be offered for sale until after we get it shipped out to our backers.

    3. The hardcover is meant to be a Kickstarter exclusive, hence the premium cost. If we end up with extras we *might* sell them off, but they would be in very limited quantities. We want the core book to be more affordable to younger players and such, so it doesn’t make sense for us to make the book more expensive or to burden ourselves with an extra product to juggle.

    Although amazing as a work of game design, Nechronica is a very problematic work by Western standards (and even Japanese standards really), plus as much as I love Ryo Kamiya’s work, I would like to pursue translating games by other designers. I won’t say that we’ll _never_ translate Nechronica, but at best it would be a long ways off.

  3. Hermann says:

    Hello I’m new to RPG and would like to get into it for the sake of being able to play with my son and wife. What do I need besides the book? Can anyone tell me please?

    • Ewen Cluney says:

      The specific materials you’ll need depends on the particular game. Most RPGs require character sheets, pencils, and some dice (which may include polyhedral dice, which you can get from hobby stores or online). Golden Sky Stories doesn’t use dice, but it does call for having some kind of tokens for Dreams.

      You may also want to see what RPG play is like in action a bit to get a better feel. There are quite a few podcasts and such with “actual play,” recordings of people playing the games. For GSS we also produced a “replay,” a transcript of an actual game session (with footnotes explaining the game rules as they come up):

      Anyway, I hope that helps. This can be a really fun hobby!

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