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On Selling Books

The most difficult part of the Golden Sky Stories Kickstarter, the part where we get physical product out to backers, is just about over apart from fixing whatever remaining cases there were of things going wrong. We’re in the process of getting things set up to launch into full retail sales, starting with Indie Press Revolution and the Level 99 Games web store. However there were also 13 game stores that took us up on the “General Store” backer level for GSS, which means there are several game stores around the U.S. (plus one in Germany!) that have GSS available for purchase. If you missed out on the Kickstarter and still want a print copy of GSS, it may be closer than you realized:

Gaming Grounds (Kent, OH)
Our Store is named Gaming Grounds, located at 416 Stinaff Street in Kent Ohio, 44240. We’re a store specializing in RPGs, Board Games, Card Games and all sorts of assorted geekery!

Tyche’s Games (Athens, GA)
Tyche’s Games is Athens, Georgia, biggest little games store specializing in RPGs, board games and card games.

+1 Gaming (New Orleans, LA)
Board Games, Cards, Roleplaying, Miniature Wargames, Tournaments, Leagues, Casual Play, and Geeky Fun Stuff in Metairie/New Orleans, Louisiana.

Little Shop of Games (Oklahoma City, OK)
Little Shoppe of Games, where there’s always something fun going on, is conventiently located in the heart of Oklahoma City – just off I-44 and I-235 Broadway Extension. With dedicated play space, customers may play in one of our daily events, bust into that new purchase, or possibly demo that game you’ve had your eye on. Members can play a wide range of video games on the premises or grab a game from our renowned “Game Closet” and play a game you can’t find on store shelves any longer.

Gary’s Games and Hobbies (Everett, WA)
Seattle’s one-stop shop for fun and entertainment.

Lone Star Comics (Arlington, TX)
Stores sell comics, games, and gifts.

Game On! Comics (Vienna, VA)
Our store has been called “the Cheers of comic book stores” because we take very good care of our customers. We learn everyone by name and our staff will always be there to help you.

Bridgeport Comics and Games (Chicago, IL)
Bridgeport Comics & Games is a family owned and operated gaming store on the South Side of Chicago. We have one of the largest play areas in the Chicago area (including a Private room for Role Playing Games), knowledgeable staff, and tournaments every day! We’re located at 3323 S. Halsted St., easily accessed from the Orange Line (and the Red Line when it’s back up)!

Sunken Treasures Games (Richland, WA)
Sunken Treasures Games is a video game store and hobby shop located in Richland, WA. In addition to games, we also specialize in Japanese imported goods, such as figures, plushies, and more! We hold tabletop and customizable card game nights regularly as well. ^_^

Atlantis Games & Comics (Norfolk, VA)
Atlantis Games & Comics, with locations in Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA we can meet all your gaming needs.

Sphärenmeisters Spiele (Herzogenrath, Germany)
We’re a small rpg-store in western Germany, you’ll find our website at www.sphaerenmeisters-spiele.de

Cape Fear Games (Wilmington, NC)
Cape Fear Games is focused on ensuring there is a family-friendly place for tournaments and Table Top Games in the greater Wilmington area.

The Hero Zone (Sandusky, OH)
Located in beautiful downtown Sandusky, OH we are a 5,000+ sqft. game and hobby community center. For more info please visit our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Hero-Zone/174626855677

Meanwhile With Maid RPG…
Things may change in the future, but for the moment we’ve been going ahead with plans to have Maid RPG be a long tail game with more of an emphasis on Print on Demand, and it is now available in print from DriveThruRPG and Amazon. Check the Maid RPG page for links. You’ll note that we’ve updated the cover design, but the interior is the same as before. I had originally asked Clay to add a Star Line Publishing logo and change the price and such, and he kind of went to town with a major redesign. The results are pretty great, but if you already have the book then you already have all of the content.

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